Indie Rapper, Singer and Songwriter Drops Seven Track EP, True Colors

Rawmny Wildcat Explores Inequity and Injustice, Love and Reminiscence

Toronto, ON – Locally based indie rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, Rawmny Wildcat, just dropped his seven-track EP, True Colors. Delivering reflective lyrics across compelling production, Rawmny is inspired by life experiences as told through his unique musical style – conversant hip-hop – detailing challenging issues in his environment.  His music is relatable to today’s youth facing many of the same issues Rawmny has lived through.

Rawmny Wildcat – formerly known as Rasselas – started experimenting with music in Montreal, after relocating with his family from Ethiopia. His world experience at a young age resulted in excellent communication skills. In fact, Rawmny is tri-lingual and speaks English, Ethiopian and French. Influenced by Soul, Motown, 90’s hip-hop and traditional Ethiopian music, Rawmny began recording during his school years in Quebec.  He would make his own beats and from a young age learned to take charge of the entire production process – a surefire way of remaining true to his craft, but inarguably a difficult path for any up-and-coming independent artist.

Listen to True Colors EP below:

Notable tracks include Trapoholica call to hustlers following their dreams, as he puts it “playing the game and playing to win”.  Terror speaks to the fragility of life and death. He recalls growing up in his motherland in the midst of a civil war.  His lyrics, “the squad shooting, every year the cost of living has quadrupled/ while your life ain’t even worth a pot of noodles” is a rallying cry against the status quo.  In a departure from weightier subject matters, Healthy – featuring Toronto-based R&B singer, Rosina, is a buoyant, infectious melody about a love relationship that leads to a healthy lifestyle both in the physical and spiritual sense  – a fresh perspective of the ‘good life’, a world away from the popular but toxic lifestyle of popping bottles and abusing drugs.

There is a motivating and liberating message in each song – throughout his tracks he calls upon the power to proclaim that nobody decides his fate.  True Colors reflects an introspective period in which the artist was searching deeply within himself.  This EP speaks to the man he is today, rather than what he may at times be perceived to be. True Colors is an introduction to his upcoming full-length album slated for release in early 2019.