February 19, 2019

Respect My Hustle

Ain’t nuttin but the wildcat livin inside me Won’t you look into my soul/ The human you might seize, the beast you cannot hold/ I came to do one thang, the wave that you’ll remember when I’m gone/ I’m giving you knowledge that you wouldn’t have known/ Feel it in your back bone and act grown/ Don’t ever forget we live in a war zone, the mask on/ Cuz if you slipping, you might be left with a cast on and that’s known/ They’ll put you to rest till you hear the flat tone, even though that’s wrong/ You weak you still gotta act strong and maybe you’ll catch on/ The rule that will never change and we live by, only the strong survive/ Who really decides who’s supposed to live or supposed to die/ Thought you was a soldier but if you scared my nigga just close your eye/ But I’m-a keep ridin cuz I remember when there was no supply/ When it’s said and done, I won’t be the one with my toes up high/ My daughters and sons they gon have enough of anything that they like/ You ain’t never seen my struggles my tears, you ain’t never hear my cry/ You think you can stop me slow me down, I told you don’t even try/   

Cuz I came a long way/ And I came for one reason only/ You wanna kill time but I ain’t got the luxury/ Whatever you thinkin it’s all good, cuz you ain’t gotta like me/

You ain’t gotta like me yo yo You ain’t gotta like me no no no Long as you respect my hustle, respect my hustle na na na na na 2x

Respect my hustle yo yo Respect my hustle ya yo yo Yes you better respect my hustle, respect my hustle na na na na na

If you try to step in the say of a moving truck/ Tell me what’s the surprise when you gettin stuck/ You’re fault finding, Won’t you be grindin if you were man enough/ Still living from check to check well haven’t you had enough/ If I ain’t got nuttin else, my nigga I got the hunger/ I’m the type that make shit happen not the type that wonder/ I promise I’ll grind harder get it until they put me under/ Till they call in my number, thru the rain and the Thunder/ So go ahead and find a reason, cuz this is my season/ You’re mad at what I’m achieving, finding freedom, I don’t need em/ I know that they wishing to find me bleedin/ So deep in their eyes I spotted a sign of treason/ Don’t be surprised if I’m not inclined to greet em/ There’s a motive they trina hide but I can read em/ It’s time I gotta get rid of these lying demons, hell no I ain’t leavin/ I’m not a man if I don’t stand for what u believe in/ Even if it means sacrificing everything that I’ve been keeping/